A parish priest is faced with a moral dilemma when a parishioner comes to deliver a confession which directly effects the priests own life. The priest is torn between his duty to offer forgiveness, and his personal reaction to this revelation.

Though it takes place against the inescapable backdrop of Irish Catholicism, this is primarily a film about people. It's about their societal roles and customs, and how those customs become subverted over time. It's about long term relationships in a small town. And it's about personal control - both having, and taking. Bless Me Father is the first film by writer/director Paul M. Horan.



Born and raised in Cork, Ireland, Paul was always obsessed with movies, and writing. Every trip to the Capitol Cineplex was a day to be remembered, and filling copybooks with nonsensical scribblings was always preferable to actual homework. But pursuing this as a career honestly didn't even occur to him, and so an education in IT followed, with a BSc in Business Information Systems, and an MSc in Multimedia Technology. The latter allowed him to peek through the window of the entertainment industry from a safe distance, which sparked something into life. Pragmatism won out however, leading him to stay in IT for several years. But over time, a nagging in his heart got the better of him and he finally resolved to follow his twin passions. So, across the pond he went in pursuit of his clichéd pot of gold. He earned an MFA in Screenwriting in Los Angeles, and has continued to live there for the past six years, writing as much as he can between bouts of procrastination and self loathing.

Paul currently writes for the renowned commercial production company, Smuggler, though he's always ready and willing to take a stab at any interesting projects that may come his way.



  • Short Film, Drama
  • Running Time: 15:40
  • Date of Completion: October 2017
  • Shooting Format: 4K
  • Exhibition Format: 2K or 1920x1080
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
  • Audio Format: 5.1 or Stereo
  • Language: English, with French subtitles available.